The BMC contractor marketplace is changing, what you need to know

Although BMC has a large pool of on-site expertise, the BMC contracting market place is still a big player within the UK and Europe, as well as beginning to branch out into the US. According to the annual salary survey from recruitment firm Robert Walters, demand for short-term contractors is on the rise in 2018, putting this down to companies implementing “digital and transformation projects”. This puts contactors in an advantageous position for 2018, and still comes with the benefits of being more lucrative as opposed to having a permanent position.

However with the emergence of ServiceNow, we are seeing the marketplace change somewhat to some of BMC’s products moving from being on-premise to being SaaS based. This has resulted in a reduced requirement for the need for bodies, and creates a knock-on effect for the contracting sphere. So, what can contractors do to ensure they are still best placed for contracting within the BMC world today?

Diversify your skillset

Not all BMC products are SaaS based, so contractors need to ensure they are certified to a level where they can excel in both on-premise and SaaS based BMC offerings. Contractors will find that by becoming adept in more than one BMC technology, they will be able to choose between different contracts to suit their needs, instead of being pigeon holed into one area. One way to do this is to accept challenging contracts. For example, you might want to accept a Remedy contract where the customer is also implementing/upgrading BPPM alongside, exposing yourself to unfamiliar technology, which will help open the doors next time around.

Training is key

In addition to this, contractors should take any training opportunities they can get, so it is advisable to invest in training in other BMC related areas and products.

Keep an eye out for SC Clearance contracts

Organisations today are also keen on contractors having SC Clearance, so it is advisable to look for jobs that require an SC Clearance and choose these over non-SC cleared contracts. This will result in more job opportunities and will also help maintain clearance and avoid lapsing.

As the largest and most established employer of BMC related resources in Europe, we are best placed to help contractors who are struggling in finding work within this changing marketplace. We can advise on how to get SC Clearance, and can help find training courses to suit your needs. We also have in-house specialists who are willing to go above and beyond to help support our contractor base if they have any technical challenges while on a client’s site, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Rhys Jenkins
Manager of Fusion Resource Management


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By Daniel Swann