What is it like being a Graduate at Fusion? My Journey so far!

My name is Nikita Parmar and I was given the great opportunity to join Fusion’s Graduate Scheme in September 2016. This is my account of what I learnt along the way and how Fusion helped me put my University days into practice!

At the start of the scheme, I did some training courses for BMC Software and achieved some certifications. This allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of what the company does and what they provide. I was given the task of having to create a timesheet management system (TMS) which was created using Remedy. We all created our own version of TMS and then presented it to the senior consultants who asked questions and fed back their thoughts.

I was so pleased to complete my training period, and was given the opportunity to work on a project at a secure government client’s site where we created service request definitions (SRD’s) for them. For a few months, I worked on my SRD and made sure it was ready for production. My next task was some Project Management work which involved shadowing my Project Manager, understanding her daily routines and managing different projects. For two weeks while my Project Manager was on holiday, I was attending and arranging meetings, keeping on top of the projects, managing the resources and creating slides for management about the project’s and finances. A busy time for me but a great and valuable time!

A hot topic of mine is BMC Software’s Innovation Suite, as I think it will have a positive impact in the IT world.

So what are my plans for the future? I have kept my options open as I know being part of Fusion will allow me to broaden my skills and drive me in the right direction. One option I would like to consider as a future career is to become a Project Manager with technical and non-technical skills. I want to represent Fusion and that is the main reason why I think becoming a project manager would be so good! Another option is to become a consultant and build my way up to become a project manager from there.

I personally believe that my time spent working with Fusion has been really positive, and I am looking forward to the future with them. The scheme has helped me shape myself as a person by bringing out the professional side of me along with the IT knowledge I have. My confidence has been boosted and I’ve had the chance to work on projects in real-life environments. The support I got from moving away from education to the work place has been really good and has been an easy transition. My knowledge of the industry is growing more and more! Fusion’s Graduate Scheme has a lot to offer and really helps graduates shape their careers and follow their ambitions!

Nikita Parmar
ITSM Consultant

By Daniel Swann