Fusion In India's 2023 Drive: 500 Trees Planted, 3,000+ Count Since '19

Posted: 10/08/2023 by

Conservation of our planet and its natural resources is the need of the hour. Planting trees is a big step in keeping our planet green for the years to come. And continuing our annual tradition of tree plantation since 2019, the Tree Plantation Drive (2023) was organised by the Fusion In India team on 5th August 2023.

This drive was synchronised with the advent of the monsoon season (rains) in India since these are the perfect climatic conditions for planting trees in this region.

Coordinating efforts to make this drive a success had been undertaken weeks in advance – selecting the most appropriate place (where we could track the progress of the planted trees in the future as well), types of trees for the plantation etc.

More than 500 trees were planted during this drive, bringing our cumulative tree plantation count to 3000+ trees since 2019. With each tree planted, we’ve taken a vital step towards nurturing our planet as each small step goes a long way in preserving Mother Earth for the future generations to come.

We look forward to continuing these green initiatives in the coming future as well.