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Create an effective omni-channel self-service capability within 3 months!

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We use a data-led approach to deliver measured outcomes in Service Management & Operations for our customers.


With our own software and world class vendors like BMC Software and Automation Anywhere, we will help you optimise and automate your workflows, improve productivity and reduce costs.

BMC Software and Fusion

BMC experts
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Fusion eBonding

Integration Platform for Service Management, SIAM & ITIL
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Automation Anywhere and Fusion

Combines ITSM and ITOM with market-leading automation
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Fusion AI Talos

Data Science for Service Management
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Fusion Partners

How can the choice of partner help influence the quality of your outcomes?

BMC Helix Portfolio Management

Project and Portfolio Management for ITSM and ITOps
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Fusion can provide you with world-leading solutions that will deliver your digital transformation.

Project and Portfolio Management for BMC Helix

How to connect Project and Portfolio Management with Idea Sourcing and Idea Management?

ITSM On Boarding for SaaS

How to deliver rapid outcomes for your ITSM On Boarding?

Enterprise Automation Framework

How to integrate your multi-vendor IT environment?

RPA Fusion

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Bots

How to automate your ITSM and ITOps processes with latest RPA tools?

Hybrid Cloud Discovery and Service Visibility ​

How to manage IT in multi-cloud, hybrid environment?

Enterprise Capacity Management & Optimisation

How to deliver maximum business value by right-sizing your capacity?

Fusion Outcome Based Services

Fusion’s Outcome Based Services are focussed on delivered measured business outcomes using Fusion IP specially designed for service management and operations.

Why Fusion’s Unique Outcome based Services

Ensuring your business case is delivered

Capacity Optimization as a Service

How can you effectively rightsize infrastructure, scenario planning & forecasting of services?

Discovery Exploitation as a Service

How can you use case focused agile discovery of services in hybrid infrastructures?

Cloud Expense Management

How can you gain visibility and control of expenses across multi-cloud services?

Integration Platform for Service Management, SIAM & ITIL (with Fusion eBonding) 

Are you looking for out of the box integrations for Case Exchange, IT process automation, remediation & triage, and support for DevOps?

AI-powered Optimisation for Service Management (with Fusion AI Talos)

Are you looking for AI-powered Continuous Service Improvement for IT Service Management and Operations?