Discovery Exploitation as a Service

Achieve total visibility and control over your IT assets

In an era where IT infrastructure becomes increasingly complex and critical, Fusion GBS's Discovery Exploitation as a Service (DEaaS) delivers the visibility and control you need to optimise your IT estate. From conventional systems to a burgeoning IoT network, DEaaS empowers you to manage your IT connections efficiently, ensuring heightened security, performance, and business value.

Our approach

We make managing your IT landscape effortless, irrespective of whether it's on-premise, public, private, or a hybrid cloud setup. Our DEaaS: 

  • Deploys BMC's Discovery platform for a holistic view of your IT infrastructure
  • Guarantees data quality with our DQA service
  • Utilises Fusion Exploitation Service for actionable insights
  • Offers a flexible subscription-based model

We employ a four-pronged approach that includes:

Deployment and management of BMC Discovery platform

Our DEaaS leverages BMC's agentless Discovery platform, giving you an exhaustive view of your IT assets

DQA Service

Our Data Quality Assurance service ensures the timeliness and quality of the data

Exploitation Service

We convert the insights into actionable initiatives, driving value from the data. With DEaaS, gain comprehensive knowledge of your IT ecosystem to balance security and accessibility, enforce policies, and enhance performance.

Flexible Subscription-Based Model

Enjoy the flexibility of a subscription-based model that aligns with your business needs and budget constraints

Delivering business outcomes

  • Compliance enforcement and PCI DSS control support
  • Cost optimisation
  • Service quality improvement
  • Accurate visibility of IT assets
  • Software licence management enhancement
  • IT services cross-charging improvement

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