Optimise Your Capacity, Maximise Your Potential

Leverage Capacity Optimisation as a Service (COaaS) for greater control

Streamline your IT infrastructure management with Fusion GBS's Capacity Optimisation as a Service (COaaS). Offering total visibility into your on-premise and cloud setup, our COaaS ensures optimal resource allocation across your IT landscape. Address under-provisioning that hampers productivity or over-provisioning that limits your ROI. With COaaS, achieve the perfect balance.

Our approach

Navigating capacity management requires comprehensive business and technology insight. That's where COaaS comes in. Our team of experts empowers you with precise control over multi-cloud costs and capital and operational expenses. This, in turn, facilitates accurate IT resource distribution throughout your organisation, irrespective of demand volatility. COaaS brings together capacity planning expertise to meet the needs of capacity managers and business service owners.

Whether you need a cloud-hosted or premises-based solution, our service offers:

  • Expert capacity management
  • Flexible and reliable service
  • Tailored approach
  • Wide range of supported cloud platforms

Delivering business outcomes

  • Enhanced visibility into IT resource utilisation
  • Risk mitigation through accurate resource provision
  • Reduced costs through efficient capacity optimisation
  • Improved performance of IT resources
  • Optimised staff roles, focusing on strategic tasks over managing underlying technologies
  • Scalability to apply best practices across your environment
  • A flexible pricing model tailored to your business requirements

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