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About Fusion

Established in 1998, Fusion provides solutions in IT and Customer Service Management. We are expert in delivering end to end solutions for organisations, helping them to understand their potential and building roadmaps to success. Our solutions are business outcome based and designed to move key performance indicators that are relevant to the business.

Our highly experienced and trained staff help organisations to improve their service performance, quality and efficiency. We have successfully delivered over 3000 projects for customers across the globe. We are the “go-to” BMC Software experts for skills and solutions. We are arguably the best BMC Software focused consultancy in the world, to manage and deliver complex solutions for large business and enterprise, also equipped to deliver Salesforce solutions.

Fusion has a trusted team of over 100 staff working across the globe in some of the most secure environments on the planet. Our customers know that with our premium service comes the quality and assurance of 100% delivery, every time. Our team consistently goes above and beyond to ensure we deliver to our customers in even the most challenging of circumstances. We specialise in complex deployments across the globe in some of the most secure and challenging environments.

We bring the training, certifications and experience to deliver the right solutions for you as we have for hundreds of customers in the past.

The Growth of Fusion

Fusion has seen year on year growth both in the UK and abroad. In 2011 Fusion opened it's international division with the appointment of Raj Jandu to head the International Sales team. Since then Fusion has opened offices in the US with its footprint region expanding rapidly throughout the East Coast, Mid-West, the South and Canada. Today we have sales, delivery and support capabilities on 3 continents and continue to grow rapidly in the US.

Our Standout Projects

  • Over 3500 projects successfully delivered to our customers.
  • Fusion has delivered the BMC system underpinning one of Europe's largest Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure modernisations to date in the utility space.
  • Fusion is responsible for the largest single deployment of BMC's Digital Workplace in the world with over 240,000 end users able to use the system.
  • Fusion also delivered the BMC Software expertise on one of Europe's largest ever infrastructure engineering undertakings.
  • Fusion is the leading deployment specialist of Remedyforce and Salesforce implementations as the only BMC focussed, Salesforce Partner in the UK Certified in Remedyforce.


BMC Software


Fusion are a committed partner to BMC Software, having worked with Remedy for over 19 years. Our team of over 100 staff ensure that we deliver 100% of the time.

Fusion have worked with the Salesforce platform for many years with customers diverse implementations. Now, due to customer demand we have expanded our core offering to include Salesforce professional services.


BMC Certified Professionals

We have an extensive skill base across all BMC products with numerous BMC Certified Professionals.

  • Remedy ITSM
  • MyIT
  • Smart IT
  • Remedyforce
  • Discovery (ADDM)
  • TrueSight

ISO 27001

Crown Commercial Service Supplier


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