Fusion Graduate Scheme – My experience so far!

I joined Fusion in September 2016, after having just finished university and graduating with a degree in Computational Mathematics. From here, me and my fellow graduates would embark on a three month graduate training scheme, based at Fusion’s head offices in Hounslow. During the three month period we would be exposed to all areas of the Fusion business, as well as some of the technology we would be working with. This encompassed talks from each of the departmental managers, outlining the role their team plays in the Fusion vision, as well as how they interoperate with other departments. From a technological standpoint, we were assigned an internal project and were given roughly 6 weeks to complete it. This comprised of creating a bespoke Remedy application, a Timesheet Management System (TMS).

This project gave me an opportunity to get to grips with some of the tools available to us – to get familiar with common approaches in Remedy development and to better understand what will be expected of us in industry. It followed a loose development life-cycle comprised of high and low level designs, staged milestones, iterative debugging and review, cross/system and unit testing and was of course finalised with a presentation to Fusion management. It offered a holistic view of what we could expect in a commercial environment, right from inception to ‘go-live’ and definitely benefited me for my first foray into industry.

The completion of my initial training period was met with my first placement at a secure government organisation. This is a trying environment to work in, you’re met with a heightened security culture and a business in which money doesn’t talk, but saving-face does. It’s a stark contrast to the offices in Hounslow, but nonetheless is the perfect place to learn. The colleagues I work with are highly experienced and always willing to impart their knowledge and because of that, my personal development here has been ten-fold.

Nothing rivals the experience of experience and that is definitely what has enabled me to grow in the manner which I have. Not only in gaining vast and valuable IT skills but also understanding the importance and relevance of business in every aspect of our job. After all, it is business, and big business, that drives our company forward and I believe a big part of being successful in this industry will be down to understanding that.

One of the primary trends I observe not only in ITSM but also in the IT sector in general, is automation. IT companies are always striving to create proactive, predictive services using the Internet of Things as their number one platform. Whether this be an automated service desk assisting in optimized 1st line support or an automated discovery solution that can be modelled into a database, companies are always looking for ways to streamline business with the technology available to them. From what I have observed in industry and while working at client sites is that there is also a movement to support a complete digital marketplace, promoting the acquisition of products and services both internally in-house and externally with business providers. This sees the integration of new technologies such as Service Broker and MyIT.

Fusion has offered me a wide scope of choice when it comes to future opportunities, but as somebody who is inherently technical, this is currently what I’m focusing on (and what makes me happy) and Fusion are willing to support this. Whether it’s through time spent with senior technical staff or through training and accreditation, I never feel I’m being sold short with the knowledge I receive and that’s certainly important to me. Over the next few years I intend to grow technically, hopefully expanding my knowledge to new areas of IT, exploring new innovative solutions and aligning that with the current IT trends.

William Collyer
ITSM Consultant

By Daniel Swann