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Top 5 Service Management fails & how to fix them

Posted: 02/03/2022 by

This video covers the top 5 areas IT leaders are highlighting as areas in service management and operations that are holding them back in supporting the big digital transformation programmes.

  1. Incoming workload to the service desk is exceeding resourcing capacity, resulting in missed SLA and frustrated customers.
  2. Increase in workload when most activities are manual results in high costs and very slow response times.
  3. Consumer relevant services are not accessible via self-service, forcing users to call and email the service desk which impacts customer experience and self-service adoption.
  4. Fragmented and poorly implemented self-service drives customers to the costly and slow phone and email channels.
  5. Too costly to maintain (taking away funding from more productive areas) and too slow to keep up with modern service management technology such as chat, mobile, Microsoft Teams (overtime become irrelevant to the business).


To help IT departments address these challenges quickly we have developed a set of offers using 3 key principles:

The first is to take the guess work out and use Fusion’s AI Talos to benchmark your current circumstances and Service Management maturity. Here are some insights that can be uncovered within a day:

  • Common services requests from your customers
  • Identify missing knowledge
  • Configure critical a mass service catalog
  • Identify automation candidates
  • Identify process inefficiencies
  • Identify data quality issues

These insights are then used to power up differentiated technologies such as BMC’s Helix platform to leverage the latest capabilities in connected workflows, automation, and great customer interfaces to create contact strategies supported by a critical mass service catalog which can be accessed via digital channel including mobile, portal, Microsoft Teams and much more.

But nothing we have done so far is of real business value, unless the solution is adopted by wide range of users and customers quickly. That is why we have created several industrial strength methodologies and pre-packed content to onboard organisations and provide access to 100 plus common services within 4-6 weeks. The speed of delivery and sheer volume of relevant content will have a big impact on consumers’ perception of the service.

Over the years we have assisted many global and mid-size organisations with their transformative initiatives who have reported these types of business outcomes:

  • A global oil company reduced its Service Management manual activates by 40% in 3 months
  • A global gaming company increased self-service adoption by 30% 3 months
  • A global manufacturer changed its contact strategy from old manual methods to modern consumer focused automated methods within 6 months
  • A global telecoms operator reduced missed SLA by 25% within 3 months
  • A healthcare provider increased service desk capacity by 60% through automating mundane activities