Rapid Task Automation

The pace of digital transformation is accelerating across mid to large enterprises, requiring businesses to embed automation into their processes so much higher volumes of digital transactions can be supported, seamlessly and at a moment’s notice. This requires IT organisations to rapidly adopt technology that can help automate end to end quickly and with minimal impact.

But implementing automation and driving adoption across the enterprise IT is hard.

Fusion’s unique 3-step approach is:

1) Take guess work out: Data-led identification and prioritisation of automation candidates.
2) Stop doing it by hand: Use market leading technologies from Automation Anywhere (workflow automation).
3) Don’t reinvent the wheel: Pre-built workflows, and automation factory delivered as a Service to accelerate automation adoption.

Fusion AI Talos

AI led analysis of all your data to target and prioritise automation candidates.

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Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere’s RPA, is the most intuitive, flexible, and easily implemented solution on the market.

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