Self-Service Automation is Core to Accelerating Digital Transformation!

As the evolving digital economy continues to blur the boundaries between B2C and B2B, organisations are rapidly transforming the way they acquire and retain customers. And digital service catalogue, when implemented well, provides a great shopping window for customers (B2B or B2C) to consume services.

This video highlights 5 critical capabilities for a successful self-service channel strategy:

  1. Understand Customer’s Journeys
  2. Understand Channels of Consumption
  3. Adopt an Automation Platform
  4. Create an Automation Culture
  5. Benchmark, Measure & React

Execute these steps well and you are the winner of this new economy!


A-Z of Digital Acceleration

Fusion Global Business Solutions helps organizations improve their capabilities for accelerating their digital transformation programs. We offer a set of innovations focused on service management and service operations that help our customers gain the critical capabilities required to support their business activities. We truly believe that these services are unique across the industry and the purpose of these video recordings “The A-Z of Digital Acceleration” is to showcase some of these capabilities.

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By Fusion News Team