“A remarkable company and valuable experience” – Jasmine’s week at Fusion

I have nearly completed a week’s work experience with Fusion and as a final task, I have been asked to put together a few words on how I felt my time with Fusion went.

Firstly, for someone with no experience of the working world, I was a bit apprehensive of what my week at Fusion would be like. As the week grew closer, I found myself thinking about what tasks I would be given, what the people would be like, and most importantly what I would learn from them. However, I can honestly say that as soon as I walked through the door I was treated and respected as a member of the team, and not just seen as someone who is still at school.

As well as work shadowing the CEO, John Mohan, I had the opportunity to meet various people within each department and learn about what they do. I was also given some tasks to perform to help me understand what working life at Fusion was like. It was great to gain insight into how a company like Fusion runs its day to day operations.

I have learnt a lot during my time here, but I’d say the one thing that I’ll take away from my experience is how surprised I was at all the different departments within Fusion and how they all fit together within the business so well. I never really thought about the roles that different departments served and how they worked with each other.

To sum up, I have had a really enjoyable time and would recommend an opportunity like this to anyone who is thinking of doing work experience.

“It was a pleasure to have Jasmine with us for work experience. Following on from our corporate social responsibility values, it’s important for a company like ours to give something back. When thinking about starting a career, it may be a daunting process, therefore I believe that work experience is all about giving someone the opportunity to be exposed to each department and allowing them to watch and learn about how we work together to keep the company going. For Jasmine, her experience with us will hopefully help guide and give her some valuable insight to shape her own career. I wish Jasmine every success in what she chooses to do in the future.” – John Mohan CEO

By Daniel Swann