Accelerated Service Catalog

This is a short demonstration of Fusion’s unique ready-made Accelerated Service Catalog with more than 100 services.

The templated self-service requests configured span across hardware, software, HR, Facilities and Infrastructure Service, and are backed by automation bots to help drive customer experience and reduce operating costs, lighten service desk workload, and improve productivity and time to market by collapsing the amount of time that it takes to fulfil common high frequency tasks.

Through Accelerated Service Catalog we are speeding up self-service adoption and helping you to free up service desk capacity. This in turn helps to drive the shift-left strategy and introduces more agile approach to managing the lifecycle of services IT provides to its customers. This is particularly important given the vast effort put into digital services by businesses all around the world, and now accelerated by the pandemic.


Take a look at Fusion’s Accelerated Service Catalog with over 100 ready-made self-service covering IT, HR, Facilities and IT Infrastructure!



A-Z of Digital Acceleration

Fusion Global Business Solutions helps organizations improve their capabilities for accelerating their digital transformation programs. We offer a set of innovations focused on service management and service operations that help our customers gain the critical capabilities required to support their business activities. We truly believe that these services are unique across the industry and the purpose of these video recordings “The A-Z of Digital Acceleration” is to showcase some of these capabilities.

Interested in more? Read our Datasheet and get more information.

Accelerated Service Catalog Datasheet

By Fusion News Team