Automation Anywhere and Fusion

Fusion & Automation Anywhere: A Strategic Partnership

Our focus is on business outcomes—improving your business, not merely your IT.

Fusion Global Business Solutions is the supplier of choice for enterprise customers undergoing outcomes-based digital transformation. Your organization seeks to leverage agile technologies, modernize existing IT, and give your employees and customers access to consistently secure, available, and reliable technology services.

The next step is to continue evolving your digital strategy. With our recent Strategic Partnership with Automation Anywhere, global leaders in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), your enterprise can benefit from leading RPA, cognitive, and analytics technology, driven by data insights and resulting in productivity gains.


An Expanded Portfolio

This partnership with Automation Anywhere combines our 20+ years of ITSM and ITOM experience with market-leading, cutting edge automation solutions. This partnership means you get even more outcomes-based value from our products and solutions. Together, we are uniquely positioned to help you optimise and automate your workflows, improve productivity, and reduce cost—a dramatically accelerated digital transformation.

Intelligent Automation (IA) is the cornerstone of the Automation Anywhere approach.  A combination of artificial intelligence and RPA technologies, IA drives digital transformation by powering rapid, end-to-end automation of any business process—an order of magnitude beyond what RPA alone can achieve. IA works by combining the task execution of RPA with machine learning and analysis capabilities such as automatic process discovery, process analytics, and cognitive technologies like Natural Language Processing, computer vision, and fuzzy logic.

Traditional automation might automate a few steps in a workflow. But by pairing AI capabilities with automation technologies, you get end-to-end, self-correcting automation of any business process—not just some steps in a workflow. Over time, you’ll see a dramatic reduction both in process exceptions and overall bot management.

Implementing RPA, cognitive, and analytics technologies with our ITOM and ITSM know-how and our outcomes-based approach means you can:

  • Drive better omni-channel engagement, improving both the customer and employee experience
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce operational obstacles, improving efficiencies
  • Organize, process, and gain insights from complex data
  • Offer more possibilities to your workforce, increasing employee satisfaction
  • Strength cybersecurity
  • Simplify compliance reporting
  • Know you’re getting top-of-the-line technology and business optimization and support
RPA Fusion

Our mission of improving your business doesn’t change. With our Automation Anywhere partnership, we have more solutions to helping you succeed with your digital transformation.

Who is Automation Anywhere?

Based in the U.S. and operating globally, Automation Anywhere is recognized for its RPA platform, the most widely deployed of its kind in the world. The mission of Automation Anywhere is to enable companies to operate with unprecedented productivity and efficiency by automating any part of the enterprise that can be automated, using The Intelligent Digital Workforce, the most intelligent and intuitive robotic process platform.

With a goal of taking the robot out of the human, Automation Anywhere wants to free employees from repetitive, mundane tasks, giving them the time and creativity to innovate and solve business challenges. In a world where each employee works side by side with digital works, we’ll all be exponentially more productive and fulfilled.

As global leaders in RPA and pioneers of the Digital Workforce, Automation Anywhere has:

16+ years
of innovation

7 million+
bots deployed

customer entities


Getting Value from Your Automation Anywhere RPA Solution

Robotic Processes Automation is a way of automating any repetitive task or workflow, using bots to do your manual work. The Digital Worker, Automation Anywhere’s RPA tool, is the most intuitive, flexible, and easily implemented solution on the market. Best of all? This SaaS solution takes advantage of low code and no code, so you don’t need a team of developers to scale your automation. Learn more about RPA technology and our Rapid End User Task Automation.

Pairing RPA solutions with data-led insights and business objectives means you can:

Achieve rapid ROI

Use AI to further compliment/enhance the automated digital worker

Leverage fast and wide-ranging scalability to meet enterprise and user demands

Ready to see these results?