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Your Challenge

How do you balance empowering your users with cloud-based resources and managing the costs of those resources?

Businesses are increasingly leveraging cloud-based IT resources alongside (or instead of) premises-based alternatives. Cloud computing has made it possible for any user with an internet connection and a credit card to bypass notifying IT and spin up a server or other computing resources by themselves.

Even if such “rogue” IT incidents cause no serious problems, they can contribute to escalating costs in ways that are difficult to trace or control.

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We know your business is not going to stop using cloud-based resources. You need the visibility, knowledge and control to keep the costs of those resources in check as their use continues to grow and evolve.

Gartner recommends seven steps to better understand, manage, and reduce costs related to cloud services.


Fusion offers two services that, when combined, completely fulfil these Gartner recommendations.

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Capacity Optimization as a Service (COaaS)

gives you visibility and control over multi-cloud costs by providing detailed analysis of how your computing, network and storage resources are being used. Fusion COaaS also enables insight into, and control of, your capital and operating expenses. It does this by analysing current and future costs as well as the utilisation of your multi-cloud infrastructure services.

Fusion COaaS supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack, and others.

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Discovery Exploitation as a Service (DEaaS)

provides you with a holistic view of all your data center assets, multi-cloud services, and their relationships to each other. It does this by automating asset discovery and application dependency mapping. Fusion’s unique Data Quality Assurance service ensures the accuracy and consistency of the discovered data, as well as other relevant data sources.

Fusion DEaaS also fully integrates and supports the end-to-end service views required for the service cost modelling offered by COaaS.

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Here’s what our combined Fusion COaaS and Fusion DEaaS services can do for your business to support the Gartner recommendations outlined above.

Step 1 | Design and Adhere to a Tagging Plan
Discover IT infrastructure residing in the cloud
Discover and map infrastructure dependencies for each application service
Discovering cloud tags associated with each IT component residing in the cloud
Improve tagging quality through reporting against standards and best practice
Define best practice tagging that enables Capacity Management and also Discover tags and report assets based on tags and those without tags
Step 2 | Right-size Resources
Know all the components and dependencies that deliver a service
Gather baseline resource consumption usage for the application service
Identify application migration priority list based on criteria such as consumption, operating systems, business service criticality and deployed environment
Step 3 | Choose an Appropriate Pricing Mode
Using baseline consumption analysis automatically identify available cloud options are related cost
Step 4 | Scrutinize and Limit Data Egress
Understand in/out bound communications dependencies across zones and cloud externa
Analyse total in/out bound network volume refined with discovered data from DEaaS to understand data egres
Step 5 | Reclaim Orphaned Resources
Identify list of unallocated computing and storage resources
Resource utilization reports to identify orphaned resource targets
Reassign orphaned resources and reverify
Step 2 | Throttle Poorly Utilized Resources
Regular reporting on poorly utilized resource
Verify action plan for throttling/minimising under-utilized resources
Step 7 | Use The Free Tools
Advice on best practice Fusion Advisory Service

Let’s discuss how Fusion can help you rein in your cloud computing costs, while still giving your users the resources they need to thrive.

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