Power up your digital and business initiatives with an agile Service Management platform within 4-6 weeks.

By combining BMC Helix ITSM connected workflow platform and Fusion’s accelerated outcomes-based methodologies, we streamline and automate Service Management processes, enhance employee and customer experience, and consolidate fragmented services. These outcomes are uniquely achieved through a data-led approach and outcomes-based methodologies to transform your Service Management and Operations and let you focus on your customers.

Transform your Service Management:


Create capacity on service desk: Signifcantly reduce workload directed to the service desk and deliver great customer experience by self-service with automated fulfilment workflows.




Self-service first choice for users: Rapid improvement in self-service adoption thereby deflecting calls and emails from the service desk and delivering great customer experience.


Exceptional employee and customer experiences: Transformative contact strategy enabling employees and customers to access relevant service across any digital channel.




Modern SaaS platform:Highly scalable agile platform for digital workflows across the enterprise, with upgrades applied automatically and new features are available immediately.

 Fusion outcomes accelerators:


AI Talos: Prioritise investment and to accelerate maturity.



Rapid Service Management Onboarding: Rapid adoption of the capability by completing onboarding within 4-6 weeks.



Accelerated Service Catalog: Deployed critical mass service catalog with more than 100 pre-built commonly used services in just 2 weeks.



Transition AMS: A short term 3, 6, or 12 months managed service to drive platform adoption.

Fusion AI Talos

AI led analysis of all your data to target and prioritise automation candidates.

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BMC Helix

Realise 354% ROI, 45% improvement in service desk resource efficiency with intelligent and predictive ITSM

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Rapid Service Management Onboarding

Rapid Service Management Onboarding (RSMO) is designed to kickstart your Service Management journey.

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Accelerated Service Catalog

Rapidly enable user communities with critical mass service catalog thereby creating service desk capacity

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