Digital Transformation – Supporting businesses moving to the cloud

Today, more businesses want to transform digitally and they want to do it fast. However, I see businesses being constrained by the IT department that struggle to match the business pace of change. IT do have constraints as they must ensure that these digital services are secure, stable, available 24/7, and that they conform to regulations.  Conflict can arise between these two agendas.

Cloud computing is one of the key enablers of digital transformation and agility. IT organisations need to embrace cloud offerings and understand where they can be used to provide additional speed and agility.

Fusion is helping IT organisations look at the transition of existing on premise solutions to cloud. It’s not a one service fits all and most business will end up with a hybrid solutions with some on premise components combining with multiple cloud services. Deciding quickly what services suit the cloud and the price comparison between on premise and one or more cloud providers is a major decision. Moving the wrong services into the cloud can result in significant increases in OpEx cost with no substantial benefit.

Using technology from BMC Software, Fusion helps customers rapidly understand candidates for cloud migration, the workload profile (security, networking, volatility etc) and the projected cloud running costs with one or more cloud providers. Generally, this greatly reduces decision time and eliminates cloud migration projects that result in unexpected increases in OpEx costs. It also provides an excellent basis for monitoring and optimising the cloud consumption (and therefore cost) moving forward and comparing the cost of multiple cloud suppliers e.g. Azure and AWS.

By reviewing existing on premise and cloud services in this way, IT departments can establish a roadmap for cloud migration and future cost profiles.

Gary Pruden

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By Daniel Swann