Fast Tracking COBIT 5 for Information Security and Auditing

Find answers to the challenges of Cobit 5 in our exclusive whitepaper

Cobit 5 is the leading framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT. Our experts have laid out the challenges and solutions to quickly unlock value within your process, toools and IT estate.

Accelerate the delivery of Cobit 5

Provide the right data and processes to support COBIT 5
Improve and mature data quality
Mature IT Asset Management processes
Accelerated delivery timeframe of 3 months
Through Fusion's COBIT 5 accelerated service we achieved internal PCI and GDPR audit compliance within 4 months.
Head of Compliance, Global Retail Organisation

Understanding COBIT 5

Many companies already use the COBIT 5 framework for IT enterprise governance, either selectively or entirely. For companies with a mature IT configuration process, COBIT 5 can help define the requirements for a single source of truth for all IT assets. This is essential to InfoSec—and to the asset management processes governing the asset lifecycle, ownership, costs, and security controls.

Process for Governance of Enterprise IT

Fusion’s Discovery Exploitaion as a Service


Fusion offers Discovery Exploitation as a Service (DEaaS) gives you visibility into and policy-based control over the devices, people, and services that connect and attempt to connect to your IT environment.

Discovering your IT estate is critical to effectively managing data and security complaince. Read about how accelerating security complaince can be acheived in our recent blog.