Fat Boy Slim -Dropping pounds for charity – Update 2

Just 3 days to go till Tough Mudder London South and less than 4 months to go for my weight loss challenge and there have been ups and downs on scales and motivation. It has been a while since my last update and unlike Keyvan my updates far less regular. Time to remedy that.

Never before have I felt so underprepared or nervous with the all too recent memories of my outing in May and the pain I put myself through completing the course. More than that I think its the feeling of absolute helplessness as you get so exhausted that you can’t even lift your leg to let someone help drag you up a vertical wall. Don’t get me wrong, I want to hit my target of a good time around the course and continue to drop the pounds, I’m scared that last time was luck and this time I’ll be visited by cramp, exhaustion and possibly injury. I’m going to be positive because I faired so well last time I’m sure I can handle it but in the back of my mind there is a small part of me that thinks maybe it was just dumb luck.


My Mum came to visit from Australia a few weeks ago. With her she brought a LOT of snacks and treats from my mother country. When I say a lot I mean a black bin liner full of them. They are now gone! It was a step backwards in my weight loss… at least I think it was. I’ve not noticed a massive change in my weight. My scales are broken though so I am hoping that by the time I get back on them things will have normalised. Sure I can justify it away, “It was my holiday”, “I deserved it”, “I had to destroy the temptation”. Long story short I was greedy, a little home sick and glad to have them.

Not All Doom and Gloom

I’m now back with my sights set firmly on the goal. I know it will be a LOT of hard work from here on out till the end of the year. I have set myself a target of a regular running regime that seems ambitious with the winter months approaching but I need to steel my focus and stick to the plan religiously.

With Tough Mudder on Saturday, I will try to ride the wave of intense exertion and maintain an increased distance and exercise pattern steadily increasing towards the festive season.

My personal challenges are appetite and motivation which tend to work squarely against me. I am determined not to let those that sponsor me down and I will continue to dig deep to ensure I fulfil the commitment I have made to this year’s challenge.

Look out for my next post where I will share with you all the trials and tribulations of Tough Mudder London South! Until then, wish me luck!

All for a good cause

My wife has suffered with type 1 diabetes since her mid 20s. Seeing her struggles and the challenges she faces with her diet and managing medication and injecting and testing her blood sugar are stressful to say the least. I decided that my efforts should go towards a cause that could hopefully make a difference to her/our lives.

I reached out to Diabetes UK and decided to donate all the proceeds of my efforts to them. Please visit my JustGiving Page and donate to this worthy cause. Thank you.

Daniel Swann
Global Marketing Manager

By Daniel Swann