Fusion Graduate Scheme – Do you want to know more?

Wings and that…

The Graduate Scheme is a 3-year programme introduced by Fusion Global Business Solutions taking on graduates pursuing a career in IT Consultancy. It consists of intense training and mentoring with hands on experience shadowing some of Fusions experienced consultants across a variety of projects. The combination of training and work experience makes the Fusion Graduate Scheme a great opportunity for graduates to start building their careers in the IT industry. Sounds interesting to you? It gets even better, keep on reading!

Let’s be honest here, starting a job after graduating from University can be tough and frustrating and most of all not fun if there is a lack of training. However, not with Fusion!

One of the best aspects of the Fusion Graduate Scheme is that graduates have time to learn and develop skills needed for the job, giving them a solid foundation that can go a long way. As a graduate, you will be introduced to various areas of the company giving you an insight into what they do and how they work together.

The company does a fantastic job welcoming the grads and introducing them to everyone during the induction week. The first 3 months start off with various training programs followed by an internal project demonstrating and applying the new acquired knowledge and skills. During this time graduates will have regular meetings with their line manager and other senior consultants to make sure that they are progressing and to make sure everything is on track. A well prepared schedule for the next 12 weeks gives the graduates an overview of what they will be doing every single day.

At this point you’re probably curious to know about what a typical Fusion Grad day is like… and you’re right to think that! You start your day discussing and structuring your plans and tasks with your Grad Buddy. This follows with a few meetings with Senior staff members walking you through the training process and who are also there to help if needed. Some days you will read and create documents and some days you experiment and develop/configure applications. The key is that the graduate scheme involves a variety of different tasks, which is great in giving you an overall overview of what it’s like being an IT Consultant. Once your training is completed, you will be assigned to a real project assisting and shadowing senior consultants.

As far as my personal experience with Fusion goes, I can only say I am glad I chose them. After graduating, I started working as a Consultant at another company ending up coding with no end in sight. Not only was I mislead by the job title, I was also not given any formal training at all. When I joined Fusion, they made sure I was in good hands and got all the support needed to do my job to the best of my ability. Having a technical background in Computer Science, Fusion helped me to develop these skills even further, combining them with a good understanding of what our clients need to succeed in business.

Altogether, I am really enjoying my job and I am excited to see what the future holds for me!

Seyer Sawez
ITSM Consultant

By Daniel Swann