How Data Center Jobs are Changing in the Age of the Cloud

This post was originally published on BMC Blogs

There’s been a lot of changes in the Data Center (DC) since the 1990s. We’ve seen the migration of in-house Data Centers to managed Data Centers run by managed service providers (MSPs). Managed DCs and in-house DCs are also migrating to cloud hosting environments where your applications reside solely on vendor machines running in the cloud, and you may not even know where the underlying hardware servicing your network resides.

Today, let’s look at how DC migration affects IT Operations professionals and examine some of the ways Data Center jobs are changing as more organizations move to the cloud. I’ll examine these changes in two ways, by looking at 1) IT Ops functions and skills that will be less needed when organizations migrate to the cloud; and 2) IT Ops functions and skills that will be more needed as organizations migrate to the cloud. Here’s my list of how DC functions and skills change when moving to the cloud.

These are some of the changes that will occur when your applications and network functions move to the cloud. The cloud will force IT Ops skills and responsibilities to shift from machine and network management to server and application configuration, application performance, and security.

By Daniel Swann