Consulting Services

How can you ensure your chosen professional services providers have the skills, experience, and access to resources and knowledge to maximize the business value and minimize the risk of your software deployments?

No business can install software “out of the box” without configuration or modification and expect it to work, let alone deliver maximum business value with minimum risk. To achieve those goals, as is true with so many modern-day furniture and gift purchases, “some assembly is required.

Your business may not have all the tools and resources needed to get the most out of your software deployments, individually and as a whole. With Fusion as your partner, however, you have access to all the skills, experience, services, and resources you need to succeed each and every time — on demand, and within budget.


The primary focus of every Fusion professional services engagement is business value. We combine an understanding of you and your business with our knowledge and intellectual property to deliver the business outcomes you want, need, and expect.

Our approach is straightforward. We want to understand:

  • Where you are going and why
  • How committed and aligned your stakeholders are
  • The anticipated value and business outcome
  • How best to measure your results

This proven approach shortens time to success, reduces risk, and maximizes business value.

Here are some of the specific ways Fusion can help.

InSight — defines a 12- to 18-month roadmap with a detailed action plan to drive transformation within IT service management (ITSM).

Maturity Assessment — performs an evaluation of your current processes and organizational capability against the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) and other best practice frameworks for ITSM.

Value Realisation — benchmarks your current tool implementation, usage, what is not being used, and license usage against best practices and operational goals.

Self-Service Transition — helps you understand the quality and scope of self-service at your business today, identify improvement areas, and implement metrics to track performance and guide changes.

Consolidated Operations — helps your business address and remove cultural, HR and organizational roadblocks to digital transformation, accelerate the journey, and align projects with business benefits.

Service Modelling Factory — establishes modelling practices and options, including Fusion’s blended onshore/offshore model, to help you build your initial set of Services Models economically.

Fusion offers additional services intended to help with specific challenges and opportunities.

Health Check — enables you to compare your technology implementation with best practices, and have an expert assess design, data quality, and current issues.

Adoption Assessment — provides details about technology use drivers and inhibitors, such as self-service, mobility, and automated event processing, provisioning, and triage.

Asset and Configuration Transformation — identify where asset and configuration management can benefit the business, then develop a plan to make that information available efficiently.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) Deployment — define your service, then develop a framework to deliver it under a SIAM model.

For users of BMC’s Remedy solution, Fusion’s ITSM Value Assessment offers a complimentary, high-level assessment of the effectiveness of an existing Remedy ITSM implementation.

Fusion’s professional services are complemented by our portfolio of managed services. Fusion can assist with roadmap development and implementation, and provide proactive system management and administration. We can handle your software upgrades and help with application enhancements as needed. Fusion consultants can also provide recommendations for continuous service improvement, and custom training for your support staff. And our Data Quality Assurance (DQA) service guarantees the quality and timeliness of the data held in the configuration management database (CMDB) that drives your service management processes.


Our experts are vetted, experienced, and proven. And each is backed up by Fusion’s unique intellectual property, our network of additional people and resources, and our access to the BMC skills ecosystem. Your business can take advantage of all we have to offer when and as needed, at any phase of any BMC Software deployment. We can help you develop and execute your strategies for IT service management (ITSM) and digital transformation as well.