Regional Sales Director - DACH

Posted: 29/09/2023

About the role

As the Regional Sales Director for the DACH region, you'll oversee direct sales efforts and work closely with our key partners. You'll also be responsible for mentoring a growing sales team and coordinating with our delivery and operational teams. You'll have responsibilities that extend beyond simply acquiring new clients. You'll establish and maintain high-level relationships and gain insights into the clients' business plans, allowing Fusion to be a key contributor in their strategy.

Main Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Experience: You come with a wealth of experience in enterprise-level account management, specifically within the German-speaking markets. You likely bring a background in working with Software as a Service (SaaS), either owning the technology or partnering with a major enterprise software supplier.
  • Expertise in Service Management: It would be advantageous for you to possess a nuanced understanding of Service Management software solutions, either from your current role or a previous engagement.
  • Complex Sales Process: You're adept at maneuvering through intricate sales processes that involve numerous stakeholders across diverse departments. You have a proven track record in managing 
    high-value, long-duration sales processes from start to finish.
  • Sales Methodology: Proficiency in sales project management methodologies such as MEDDIC is strongly preferred.
  • Leadership and Team Management: As a player/coach, you are not only an expert in driving sales but also skilled in mentoring and developing a high-performing sales team.
  • Relationship Building: You excel in establishing and nurturing strong relationships with both new and existing customers.


  • Language Proficiency: You must be fluent in German, using it as your primary language in your professional interactions. Business English fluency is also required, as it is the universal corporate language used both with our clients and within Fusion.
  • Career Stability and Development: Fusion values long-term career development and is focused on building a stable, committed team. We are particularly interested in candidates who can demonstrate 
    career stability and who view this position as a long-term career opportunity rather than a mere job.
  • Sales Metrics and Collaboration: You're expected to understand key sales performance metrics and to be accustomed to a transparent and collaborative work environment.
  • Work Arrangement: The role is primarily remote, requiring outstanding self-management skills. Nevertheless, you will need to regularly attend meetings at our local office.


Educational and Experience Criteria: You should hold a university degree and have at least seven years of specialised sales experience in the SaaS technology sector. Additionally, previous experience n leading or supervising a sales team is essential, reflecting the dual nature of this role which combines direct sales with team management responsibilities.

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