Keyvan’s 14k swim for Alzheimers – Update 7

Wetsuit on. Gloves on. Boots on. Neoprene cap on. Walking like a Egyptian mummy over from the changing room. Glad to say I am not the only one looking, well let’s just say, silly! Gently crept to the water’s edge. Looks cold. But there are people (plural) going in with just their swimming suits on.

L32-Keyvan-01042017.jpgAll the way up to my waist in the water now. Can’t feel a thing. Can’t be that bad. Splash my face with water….ouch, cold. Gingerly step in, all the way. Tell myself, just go with granny stroke for a little bit and then launch yourself in….I listen to that sound advice. Head in. 4 freestyle strokes later I go back to breast stroke. Ouch. Frozen jaw. That water is stupendously cold. I suspect everyone is on the water’s edge watching me and passing professional judgement on me, which pushes me to persevere, all the way to the 100m buoy and back to the shore. Getting used to  the idea of not being able to breath! I then think of David the Ice Mile Man, who swam 1 mile without a wetsuit in water under 3c earlier this year. Earlier that morning he had swam 2.5k just in his trunks. And I am thinking, surely if he can do a skinny 2.5k, I should be able to do 400m, covered head to toe and looking like a seal. Next thing, I am back in doing the 400m course. That was OK. Stop. Readjust goggles. Let’s go again. This time it feels really good. Still difficulties in moving my jaw, but the crystal clear water and the incredible views are making me forget the cold. Do the lap. Get out. Shortly after, feeling dizzy, I have to sit on the water’s edge for a few mins. Very strange feeling, which I am told later on that it is due to the cold water!

Water temperature 8c! 7m:20s per each 400m with plenty left in the tank. 1K completed.

And so, this is how the open water season started for me! (25th March)


March Swim!

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Keyvan Shirnia

By Daniel Swann