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Rapid Service Management Onboarding

Posted: 17/03/2022 by

Many organisations do not have deep expertise in service management best practices or how new ITSM technologies can be applied to transform customer experience and service management efficiency. Traditional implementation approaches rely on customers to mature service management processes and exploit new technologies such as automation, chat and AI. This leads to slow or limited value realisation from a significant organisational investment.

To address this we have created a truly unique service combining a number of our methodologies, prepacked content and our own AI platform, which we have called Rapid Service Management Onboarding.

Rapid Service Management Onboarding is designed to deliver a best practice ITSM platform within 4-6 weeks. This is coupled with coaching to instil best practice from both an operating model, process, and tooling perspective.

This approach delivers rapid and on-going value realisation as the organisation matures and transforms its service management capability.


Rapid Service Management Onboarding service includes:

Accelerated Service Catalog: Over 100 common IT services to build a critical mass service catalog day 1.

Best Practice Foundation and Process Data: This data provides a consistent structured for service management allowing improved reporting, automated assignments, automation of common tasks exploitation of AI.

Predefined Scenario Training: Allowing walk through of common tasks for service management roles that helps coach customers in best practices processes and tool usage.

Once the onboarding is completed Fusion will continue to benchmark your operating model performance as part of our Transition Managed Service. This tracks the benefit realisation and can form the basis of a Continue Service Improvement initiative to drive the service management transformation and the roadmap.


And here are some of the tangible outcomes that we deliver:

Rapid Self-Service Adoption: Where we provide over 100 common IT services ready-made to drive your critical mass service catalog. The catalog is matched to the existing incoming load by using Fusion’s AI Talos to understand user needs.

Improved First Contact Resolution: We use our AI platform to match incoming load to knowledge and identify priority areas and quality of knowledge. This results in improved First- Call-Resolution for the service desk.

Reduced Resolution Times: We improve knowledge and knowledge generation to reduce resolution times. In addition, self-service provides a mechanism for automation of common requests leading to a significant reduction in resolution times.

Reduced Service Desk Load and Overtime: Improved self-service adoption combined with reduced resolution times delivers significantly reduced service desk load and overtime requirements.