Rapid Task Automation: Automation Anywhere

What is RPA?

Rapid Task Automation is enabled by Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is any software that automates repetitive actions, processes, or workflows.

Put simply, RPA does the manual work for you. Think of any action you perform frequently on a computer: clicking, navigating to different programs and apps, typing or entering inputs, selecting information from specific fields. Anytime you manually interact with a user interface in a repetitive manner, anytime you have a repeatable workflow where one step follows another, Robotic Process Automation is possible. Imagine the countless opportunities—no matter the department or business function.

Working in spreadsheets, you may create macros to automatically populate cells with data. Working in word processing or email software, you may copy and paste hundreds of times a day, moving from one platform or app to another. RPA is these tasks and workflows writ large, using bots to automate across programs and platforms. The necessity of human interaction defines the two types of bots:

Unattended bots run in the background to automatically complete back-office functions at scale, requiring minimal human intervention.

Attended bots require interaction. A human action occurs, triggering the bot to automatically complete designated tasks in a workflow.

What is Rapid Task Automation?

Rapid Task Automation is the Fusion approach to automation, fuelled by Automation Anywhere’s Digital Worker. Our intelligent approach prioritizes your use cases based on data-driven insights that are unique to your customers and business. This approach ensures your automation implementation reaps the most value for you—in the least amount of time.

Benefits of using Robotic Process Automation

Once programmed, bots offer enormous value. Here’s just some of what bots can do:

Work non-stop, producing constant, high quality output.

Eliminate human error, resulting in 100% accuracy.

Free employees to perform higher-value work that can’t be automated or requires a human touch for a positive customer experience.

Minimize compliance risk in heavily-regulated industries like healthcare, banking and finance, HR, and any work based on personally protected data.

Support digital transformation by enabling the tech- and data-led conversion of workflows and processes

Use cases for RPA

Though RPA is enabled by technology, it is applicable to nearly any business function. From IT to HR and Finance all the way to the customer experience, the potential for bots to minimize rote tasks is endless. Consider these RPA use cases:

  • Customer service agents who copy and paste data repeatedly, from CRM into a spreadsheet or other reporting format.
  • HR, finance, and other back-office employees who navigate accounting, ERPs, supply chain management, and customer databases.
  • IT teams who must track assets, licenses, data, and inventory across a variety of platforms and databases.
  • Management and leadership who must perform error-free audits and compliance reporting.
  • Any employee who has a basic routine for commands and workflows—opening an app, signing in, cutting and pasting, calculating, saving and closing.

Why Automation Anywhere for RPA?

Fusion has partnered with Automation Anywhere for their leading position in RPA, analytics, and cognitive solutions. Their approach, Intelligent Automation (IA) actually combines the task execution of RPA with the field of artificial intelligence. Their solutions are easily implemented by anyone, not only tech-minded employees, so you’ll see rapid ROI and increased productivity.

We’ve also partnered with them because of the ease of their solutions:

  • The RPA runs in a SaaS environment, so you don’t have to deal with on-prem.
  • Low- and no-code options means the bots are easy for anyone to set up, use, and scale—without a dedicated team of developers.
  • Native AI capability means the solution works; you don’t have to reverse engineer your systems.
  • Fusion’s data-led AI insights into actual customer data rapidly identifies and builds the business case for automation.

Fusion Bots with Automation Anywhere

What automation can look like for your enterprise? Glimpse what’s possible with our Fusion Bots in the Automation Anywhere Bot Store.