The Smart Approach to Resource Management

Historically, people with the right technical skills were heavily sought after by organisations wanting help with their IT systems, however today we have seen an influx of these systems being looked after by BMC in the cloud. Resource Management requirements are changing somewhat to focus on being much more business orientated. Organisations are looking for a resource that can run a workshop to understand what their business requirements are, as well as requiring someone who can translate those requirements into a technical specification. They are looking for someone who has the skill set to be able to deliver on that specification or can translate it through to a third party that is looking after the application in the cloud.

With that said, why do organisations come to us?

Fusion Resource Management is a dedicated team devoted to managing skilled resources and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) within the BMC and Salesforce skills ecosystem. We work within a niche technical area for BMC and Salesforce products, therefore have a continually updated pool of resources with the correct BMC and Salesforce skillsets suited to your technical and business needs. Our resource management offering ensures that our customers feel comfortable that the people they get have the appropriate skills and are productive from day one.

Our resource management offering is flexible. If we are not able to provide someone from our existing resource pool, we are best placed in the market to technically vet someone new, therefore building confidence within our customers. We continuously keep up to date with our contacts, therefore being able to identify who is available and place someone into an organisation at any given time quickly.

Once a resource has been identified and placed within an organisation, our relationship doesn’t stop there. Organisations are still able to refer to us as specialists in the field. An organisation may already have someone placed on a project, however, they might still need the expertise and guidance from us, therefore they can contact us for further advice on a piece of technology or a new technical initiative they are thinking of doing, resulting in a continuous partnership.

Fusion Resource Management has 20 years’ experience with dedicated people who work with our resource base on a continuous basis. We know who the best people are so contact us today and help us find the right resource for you.

Sunil Duggal
UK Sales & Marketing Director

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By Daniel Swann