Fusion eBonding – Integration Platform for Service Management, SIAM & ITIL

Unify everything across your digital Service Management foundation so you can achieve better outcomes, faster.

Overcome IT complexity and break down data silos by integrating on-premise and cloud applications, various data sources and devices with Fusion eBonding. Create a fabric of connectivity to unlock productivity and maximise your investment in digital transformation.

Integrate any applications and data across your hybrid IT with speed and ease. 

Fusion eBonding is tailored to support digital transformation requirements by providing comprehensive readymade integrations and automation supporting complex multi-service provider and interconnected ecosystems. Use cases include:

Internal Integration Hub: Create integration right across front and backoffice systems by synchronising the creation, deletion and updates to records in multiple systems in real time. This can be done with minimal impact on the existing systems thereby avoiding costly and long projects to rework existing applications.

Ecosystem Bonding: Automate the links with your customers and partners/suppliers to form an ecosystem that delivers business faster and with more accuracy. Eliminate double keying and create seamless interaction across your ecosystem on areas such as incident, change, service request, work order etc.

DevOps, Cloud and IoT: Integrate and automate the desperate DevOps, cloud and IoT devices to take intelligent actions based on the company defined rules and enriched data sets.

  • Fusion eBonding Integration Packs provide off-the-shelf customizable integrations, automation workflows, and run books and data to improve collaboration among participants
  • Can speed time to success with new services, increase customer and user satisfaction, and reduce operating complexity and expense.

Business Benefits:

  • Reduced costs
  • Rapid time to value
  • Reduced risk
  • Increased control
  • Improved governance
  • Versatility across platforms

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Fusion eBonding: For better outcomes across your Service Management foundation.