Reflections on a week’s work experience with Fusion

Last week we were joined by Yasin Biswas for work experience in our Hounslow office. Yasin spent most of this time shadowing our CEO, John Mohan, but he also had the opportunity to spend time with each of our departments. His time saw him getting to know how we run, and what each department does to ensure a busy IT services company such as ours keeps performing successfully.

At the end of the week with us, we asked Yasin to share some of his thoughts on his time with Fusion.

“My time at Fusion has been very instructive and I am really glad I had the opportunity to come and experience the work that Fusion does. A couple of things that will stick with me when I start my own career are how to act within the workplace. The whole team seemed very friendly and I noticed that everyone treats each other with respect, no matter what your position you are in. I was also interested to see how much knowledge people have within each department, and how much experience they have to ensure they are effective in their daily tasks. My highlight of the week was to work shadow the Finance team. I found that interesting.”

“To sum up, I would recommend a work experience placement with Fusion for someone who wants to learn about work relationships and how all the different departments fit together.”

John helped arrange Yasin gain his experience with Fusion. “I believe work experience is all about giving someone the opportunity to be exposed to each department and to allow them to watch and learn about how we work together to keep the company going. It’s less about giving them actual work to do. This follows on from our dedicated work around corporate social responsibility. It’s important for a company like ours to give something back. We provide the full spectrum from offering school attendees work experience, having a dedicated graduate programme right up to hiring experienced consultants. For Yasin, his experience with us will give him a great start to help shape his own career and I wish him every success in what he chooses to do in the future.”

By Daniel Swann