Swimming for Alzheimers – The Final Cut

422 km later. 135 swimming sessions later. 2 swim marathons in a month.

£6,400 for Alzheimer’s Society. 147 sponsors. 

I am indebted to everyone, who has in one way or another helped me raise this money for the charity and raise awareness of the disease that is, and will continue to, impact all of us in one shape or another throughout the next 100 years.

I can’t name each and one of you individually (too many of you), but as a way of showing my sincere appreciation and gratitude,  I have put together the story of the last 9 months in photos, as they demonstrate incredible stories of friendship and support. A few are featured below, but please visit my blog here to see all of them!

Thank you all very much.

Keyvan Shirnia


By Daniel Swann