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Cloud für alle: C5-attestiertes SaaS-Angebot von BMC Helix Service Management gehostet und betrieben in deutschen Rechenzentren

Bisher war die ITSM Lösung BMC Helix Service Management schon in der BMC und AWS Cloud oder auch als on premise Betrieb verfügbar. Jetzt wird das Cloud Angebot für die speziellen Anforderungen des deutschen Marktes erweitert und geht damit über einen Serverstandort in Deutschland hinaus. BMC Software führt ein C5-attestiertes BMC Helix Service Management SaaS-Angebot, […]

7 Steps for managing multi-cloud expenses

Cloud computing is seen by most CIOs and senior IT execs as a key enabler for driving their digital strategy, providing greater flexibility, agility, faster time-to-market and driving innovation. However, the counter balance to organisations fully embracing the cloud is the potential high cost of operating from the cloud. But why would running services in […]

Has Sales changed in the last 10 years?

In my opinion fundamentally yes it has in some aspects, but also fundamentally no! (Confused? Read on and I will explain) It always pains me, but salespeople don’t always have the best reputation. It’s sad, because as a dyed in the wool B2B salesperson, I know how conscientious many of us are, and how much […]